Sunday, 21 November 2021

Avalon Hill's gaming magazines, in PDF format

Found here. 32 Volumes. Amazing history. I never really bought any copies of it, much to my regret. I had an uncle who died before I had a chance to be old enough to talk to him about the games her had, like The Russian Campaign, France 1940, Blitzkrieg or Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich. I still have his copies and will probably never get a chance to play them. 

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

An army update- more divisons added

There was an offer on Facebook for a Anglo-Portuguese + Spanish Division army and I was able to get it. 

I should now be able to go to war with the army I wished for, not the army I had.  I havn't made ANY progress during all of COVID lockdown, but this will give me enough units to have choice now in what I use for a standard FOGN game. 

I really need to get the flags on my existing units to match the nice ones these came with.

Sunday, 22 August 2021

Non Historical commentary on GW's Warhammer+

I watched the one episode of Warhammer+ that's released for a day, and was not impressed. If that's the standard they are going for, it's not getting many new people into the hobby.


Shows that Games Workshop should do for Warhammer+ but will never do:

Saturday, 21 August 2021

News: Do Not Buy Anything from Broken Token

Broken Token is a company that sells inserts for the biggest and most popular boardgames. I had considered getting it for Gloomhaven and Frosthaven, but being MDF you need to glue it, and it was very expensive. 

Two days ago, this post came out

Content Warning: Sexual assault, Sexual situations, Cheating, Mental Abuse, Emotional Abuse, and Stalking

In response,  several different people confirmed something did happen.


The CEO and Owner then responded with this admission. Companies that licensed to him are now fleeing in horror.

I do not recommend anyone buying anything from Broken Token. I'm looking at for Dune, Pandemic and Gloomhaven.

Sunday, 15 August 2021

Review: Battle Systems: Village Ruins

 I've finished putting together the Battle Systems: Village Ruins.

 I did not follow the suggested guide on building them, but made my own ruins. You get 5 pieces of thick cardboard that allows to make them as you see fit - 3 are the same and 2 the other type.

Saturday, 14 August 2021

RPG news: The Mystara Player’s Guide released

Mr Welch has grown tired of WotC and decided to release: The Mystara Player’s Guide

Get it from

I've been following his Youtube series for a long time. My first RPG was the red boxed set of D&D.  I sent a small amount of thank you money for it. 

Sunday, 8 August 2021

Starting my Rangers of Shadow Deep party

 I've been getting my terrain organized and almost have everything I want. I need to push the trees from Amazon on plates of some kind, and get maybe get some bigger one, put together the Village from Battle Systems and paint the miniatures from Fantasy Series 1.

But I have all the books I need!

I think this is all of them

Saturday, 7 August 2021

My comment on "Battle write-ups. What do you like to see?"

 Posted on Dakka Dakka

Made in us 

I would like to make my battle reports more appealing/interesting, so I have some question

What makes a good battle write-up?
What makes a bad one?
What would you like to see more of?
What have you seen enough of? 

My answer:

Where can I find your battlereports? I'd like to read more. Mine are on my blog but I always feel I should be doing them better.

I know adding arrows and label's would make things much clearer on what's what doing what, but the extra time to edit the photo's seems to outweigh the time. I don't recall seeing many that DO have labels, and I actually find them more distracting to the picture itself. Does anyone have some good examples to share of what you like to see?

What makes a good battle write-up - a description of the armies, some pictures of the units, the actual army list, lots of pictures.A map of the battlefield (if an overhead picture can't be provided). Some 3rd person story is fine at the start and end (and as captions for photos) but I'd rather read the battle report without story time coming into the middle of it. An initial plan or strategy guide. A description of the battle - it does not need every turn or combat, but I should be able to follow it based on pictures, text or map. Most of the pictures should be showing the table or units, with some action shots of dramatic occurrences and characters. A final conclusion, and some analysis of the army list (what was worth it, what was not), how the strategy worked (or did not) and lessons learnt by both sides. A final story time from the perspective of the armies or characters if you want.

What makes a bad one - nearly every video battle I try to watch :(. I understand the idea of them, but they nearly all seem to be shaky cam showing me dice and telling me how many hits/saves happened. I don't care! I want to know if that unit of tactical marine's succeeded at stopping that Ork unit coming across, not the individual rolls or distance moved. Don't show me someone moving figures either, it takes forever. Ideally some computer graphics with arrows or a before and after shot will do it. The best video one I've seen was a slide show with a voice over of the battle. Also, the analysis is either missing completely or devolves to the level of a sports event- "We I rolled better on the day and my opponent did not, so I won". I want some conclusions. No talking heads except at the beginning (as an introduction) and end. And they need to be less than 30 minutes for me to have the time to read them. And I understand completely the amount of editing this all requires makes it just a dream, it would be a huge investment of someone's time.

What would you like to see more of
- slide show video's with voice over. More historical battles with background on the armies and people involved. More written blog battle reports. More comments on my own battle reports

What have you seen enough of - too many battle reports on Youtube I can't stand watching.