Tuesday, 26 July 2022

3rd edition of Field of Glory: Napoleonic being worked on

Field of Glory: Napoleonic is getting a 3rd edition. There is a lot of changes that make the game clearer,faster and more Napoleonic (skirmishing now actually is a thing as opposed to giving your units but I note the rules now fix the nearly all the issues I have complained about.

Troops can now leave entrenchments! You can get cheap crappy commanders who need to be kicked by their corps commander to do something. Skirmish troops now act in their own little shooting round and the winner of that combat gets an advantage in closing on the enemy. Artillery also has it's own shooting round to provide support for the infantry moving up. Probe missions give intelligence that allow you to have knowledge of the enemies strategy. Entrenchments can be used on the attack (I imagine for placing artillery or defenders of your Line of Communications). Lancers are both more dangerous but also more fragile. There's about 20 pages of designer's notes on what and why they changed things.

The firing table is now looking worse and is as clear as the smoke of a battalion of infantry firing all weapons, but otherwise the rules look a lot better. .

Hopefully I can get a game of it and give a battle report.

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Getting back into BATTLETECH after 26 years

So I have got pretty much the Bolt Action Australian 6th Division Bardia/Tobruk/Greece army I want, though I haven't put anything together.

I was playing HBS's Battletech on the PC and remembered I still had my old 2nd Edition Battletech stuff around, and the current version is getting increasingly popular.

This was the dream to get, though I will want to get ALL the rules eventually. And Mech's.

So for the first time since they got bought out and 30+ years, I went to Milsims!

They moved two years ago into an old QuickEMart. It's the biggest game store in Melbourne with everything except WW2 stuff. They have a WALL of boxed tabletop wargames!

I HAD ordered it twice via Amazon, and got it cancelled twice. This game is so poluar it's selling out within a week of it being on the shelf!

I got the Successor States book for old times sake,  and the Campaign guide to dream of ever running.

My current idea is a Pirate/Mercenary Company-sized group of 3 lances. Based in the Periphery to the NW of the Inner Sphere, outside of Stiener (and near the edge of where the Clan Invasion will eventually come). A reengage company that fled Canopian space after being charged for a crime they didn't commit, the leaders now great-granddaughter leads a world and attacks near by and not-so near by systems for plunder and slaves and some plausible deniability mercenary work.

All the mech's bar the Firestarter are from 2nd edition and are all very cool too look at. I like the Firestarter's flamers and the idea of overheating someone to shut them down without shooting.  

Ideally will painted in camo-colours of Brown and Green.

Battletech company - Com's Commando's.

1 HQ lance

-          Heavy Command Mech - Battlemaster

-          Heavy LRM support Mech – Archer

-          Heavy Mech – Warhammer

-          Medium AA Mech – Riflemen


1 Main lance

-          Heavy Mech - Thunderbolt

-          Heavy  LRM Mech - Crusader

-          Medium Mech - Shadowhawk

-          Light scout hunter Mech - Firestarter


1 Scout lance

-          Medium commander Mech – Phoenix Hawk

-          Light Mech - Wasp

-          Light Mech - Stinger

-          Scout Mech - Locust

Their enemies would be closer Stiener Worlds with Mechs, Armour, VTOL's and Infantry.

Friday, 22 April 2022

I really want to play SpellJammer one day


 SpellJammer is back - link to tweet (and somewhat crappy video)

Rutibex posted:

Spelljammer has its own issues as a D&D setting. I've honestly never got it to work as well as a grounded campaign. Giving the PCs a spaceship and access to the whole world really limits what you can do with logistics and random encounters and dungeons.

What on Toril are you talking about!? Spelljammers work the same way as the Enterprise does in Star Trek: It moves at the speed of plot. Like every other vessel or mode of transport in any story ever.

First - listen to this music -

On Noes! The Space Dragon has attacked! We must stop to repair our ship at this island/asteroid/dead space titan/Where the fuck are we today. Now our party of Elf 18th century Elven Imperial Royal Navy Hornblower, Late 19th century Hippo with a Maxim Gun, Halfling castaway whose most certainly not a cannibal and some human not being Johnny Depp must band together and rescue the native princess from a Xenomorph-Space-Hamster in Not-Stevastopol-Station! And they need to put the Xenomorph in a museum run by a 10,000 old Lich who likes collecting things to stop the not-nazi Space Orks from getting it first!

And it both starts AND ends at a cliffhanger every time.

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Ospray Games, are you ok?

I ordered an army book for the British Army Bolt Action list and every second page was white. They sent a replacement.

I ordered a book on Infantry anti-tank tactics and they sent it with the cover of Battalion and Company level infantry tactics but the book inside is the right one.

I feel like this is the start of a stand up comedy routine or I need to be able to read the secret messages someone is trying to smuggle through customs and I've been mixed up with someone else.

Saturday, 16 April 2022

The bottom fell off


Written by NihilCredo posted: on the Something Awful forums. Based on the classic Clark and Dawe sketch. Discussing the loss of the Russian cruiser Moskva:

[Dimtry Peskov:] It's a great pleasure, thank you.

[Interviewer:] This warship that was involved in the incident off Odessa this week...

[Dimtry Peskov:] Yeah, the one the bottom fell off?

[Interviewer:] Yeah

[Dimtry Peskov:] That's not very typical, I'd like to make that point.

[Interviewer:] Well, how is it untypical?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well, there are a lot of these warships going around the world all the time, and very seldom does anything like this happen ... I just don't want people thinking that cruisers aren't safe.

[Interviewer:] Was this cruiser safe?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well I was thinking more about the other ones...

[Interviewer:] The ones that are safe...

[Dimtry Peskov:] Yeah... the ones the bottom doesn't fall off.

[Interviewer:] Well, if this wasn't safe, why did it have 8,000 tonnes of missiles on it?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well, I'm not saying it wasn't safe, it's just perhaps not quite as safe as some of the other ones.

[Interviewer:] Why?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well, some of them are built so the bottom doesn't fall off at all.

[Interviewer:] Wasn't this built so the bottom wouldn't fall off?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well, obviously not.

[Interviewer:] How do you know?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well, ‘cause the bottom fell off, and 8,000 tons of missiles exploded, caught fire. It's a bit of a give-away. I would just like to make the point that that is not normal.

[Interviewer:] Well, what sort of standards are these missile cruisers built to?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Oh, very rigorous ... maritime engineering standards.

[Interviewer:] What sort of things?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well the bottom's not supposed to fall off, for a start.

[Interviewer:] And what other things?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well, there are ... regulations governing the materials they can be made of

[Interviewer:] What materials?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well, cardboard's out

[Interviewer:] And?

[Dimtry Peskov:] ... No cardboard derivatives...

[Interviewer:] Like paper?

[Dimtry Peskov:]. ... No paper, no string, no cellotape. ...

[Interviewer:] Rubber?

[Dimtry Peskov:] No, rubber's out .. Um, They've got to have a steering wheel. There's a minimum crew requirement

[Interviewer:] What's the minimum crew?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Oh... one, I suppose.

[Interviewer:] So, the allegations that they are just designed to carry as many missiles as possible and to hell with the consequences, I mean that's ludicrous...

[Dimtry Peskov:] Ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous. These are very, very strong vessels

[Interviewer:] So what happened in this case?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well, the bottom fell off in this case by all means, but that's very unusual.

[Interviewer:] But Mr. Peskov, why did the bottom bit fall off?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well, an anti-ship missile hit it.

[Interviewer:] An anti-ship missile hit it?

[Dimtry Peskov:] An anti-ship missile hit the warship.

[Interviewer:] Is that unusual?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Oh, yeah... At war? Chance in a million.

[Interviewer:] So what do you do to protect the crewmen in cases like this?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Well, the cruiser was flooded to put out the fire

[Interviewer:] Flooded and sank...

[Dimtry Peskov:] No, no, no. it's been flooded, it did not sink

[Interviewer:] Yeah, but it went underwater

[Dimtry Peskov:] No, it's filled with water, it's not underwater. It's not in the sea.

[Interviewer:] Well, what's in the seas?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Nothing's in the sea...

[Interviewer:] Well there must be something in the sea.

[Dimtry Peskov:] There is nothing out there... all there is - is water... and birds... and fish

[Interviewer:] And?

[Dimtry Peskov:] And 500 dead crewmen

[Interviewer:] And what else?

[Dimtry Peskov:] And 8,000 blown up missiles

[Interviewer:] And anything else?

[Dimtry Peskov:] And the part of the warship that the bottom fell off, but there's nothing else out there.

[Interviewer:] Dimtry Peskov, thanks for joining us.

[Dimtry Peskov:] It's a complete void

[Interviewer:] Yeah, we're out time

[Dimtry Peskov:] The war's perfectly safe. .... We're out of time?.. Can you book me a cab?

[Interviewer:] But didn't you come in a FSB car?

[Dimtry Peskov:] Yes, I did, but-

[Interviewer:] What happened?

[Dimtry Peskov:] The bottom fell off

Thursday, 24 February 2022

Contents of a small supply crate from Warlord Games

I ordered a Crusader II from Warlord Games and decided to order a Small Supply crate of RANDOM STUFF Warlord wants to be rid of.

Some of them I actually liked to get!

A famous Native American(?) hero. Could use him in Silver Bayonet.

WTF the League of Fatties Kit?!?! Maybe a boss for the Silver Bayonet Steampunk?

Ghar Outcast Rebel Attack Crawlers. Looks like something Necronish. Not sure what I could use it for.

3 turret armed Boltan Paul Defiant's. Not hugely useful even as a TTI Target Tug! I don't think I'd use them even if I DID have Blood Red Skies.

C3 Support team with Plasma Bombard. 4 sorta Necron figures with a support weapon. Not hugely useful.

Spring Grass flock. I needed some of this colour.

5 Native American Bowmen. Could be used for Rangers of Shadow Deep or a Oathmark ranger unit.

Yak 1 character for Blood Red Skies. More female units is nice, even if I don't play the game or the Yak 1 isn't very good either.

British Napoleonic Paint kit- I actually needed this for Black Powder and Epic Scale Black Powder.

Fully wrapped up in a mystery box in a mystery box is a fully painted...Bi-plane?

Can anyone identify the make and nationality?

3 Mythic America Sapa Emporer on Jade Tigers(?). Might make a useful cavalry for Oathmark (not enough for a unit though) or Rangers of Shadow Deep

3 fantasy characters (maybe a Druid and 2 fighters?). Might work for Rangers of Shadow Fell or as a wizard for Oathmark.

One Sprue of Highlanders for Epic Scale Black Powder. I wanted this too!

12 Numidian Skirmishers. I can use them as an Oathmark human spearmen unit. I have a SPQR boxed set too.

Sachem Warlord of War Eagle. Not really use able for Oathmark but might work as a boss for Rangers of Shadow Deep.
Everything that came in the Supply Crate

What I actually wanted.

Monday, 21 February 2022

More terrain I need

  •  I need to a brown door mats and cut them up for fields. Most can be rectangles and some can be smaller for FOGN. Some can be triangles that can be formed into squares.
    • Also some green ones to represent grapes or other green plants in rows.
  • I need some 28mm buildings suitable for North Africa. Start with 3 - should be white washed.
    • Some can have red terracotta roofs for Spain, Greece, Crete and Italy too. 
  • I need some non-fantasy 28mm Western/Central Europe buildings that can be used for both 19th and 20th Century - Black Powder AND Bolt Action (and maybe late 20th Century WW3).
  • I need a desert colored game mat from http://www.cigarboxbattle.com/ or https://geekvillain.co.uk/.
  • Some palm trees on plates.
  • Some cheep plastic army men terrain for sandbags and bunkers- just need a spray paint undercoat and dark wash over it. 
  • 3 more boxes from Bunnings to hold it all.

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

More thoughts about vlogging battle reports

 - I need a vlogging pack with a tripod, light, lenses, gun mike.

- Use Google improve for photo's to make them look better!

- https://www.naturalreaders.com/ is a cheap text to speech converter

- Use  https://freesound.org/ and You Tube Audio.

- https://www.littlewarstv.com/quick-strike-challenge.html is a guide on how to do it.

    - 1-2 Minute intro and history of the battle

    - 2-8 minutes of the battle. For Bolt Action, that's only 1-2 minutes a turn.

    - 1 Minute conclusion and 1 minute lessons learnt.

    - Use close in video, model eye view. When a character does something important or blows up, get the close video.

- Good point about keeping them less than 10 minutes! I can do a 2nd video of conclusions and lessons learnt and how to do better next time. So many battle reports go for 40-200 minutes! No one's watching all of that!

- Even better, do a 3rd video on the history of the armies/battle/campaign. 

- If doing a battle of Australian troops, I could use the actual regimental diaries from the AWM as a guide on the battle itself, and colour commentary when needed. It can be used a separate voice over.

Monday, 14 February 2022

Pre-War Infantry Training for WW2


Infantry Training (Training and War) 1937

The previous guide I linked below is mid-war, this is the pre-war training guide for Infantry in attack and defence, for the infantry battalion.
This manual covers a period of transition. Many infantry battalions have only recently been re-
organized, or are still in process of re-organization, as rifle and machine gun battalions, while others are still organized as mixed battalions. The new weapons and vehicles, with which the infantry is to be armed and equipped, have either not yet been issued to the troops, or have only been provided on a limited scale. There has, therefore, been little opportunity for studying the changes in the methods of training in peace, and leading in war, that may be necessitated by re-organization, mechanization and re-armament. 
While, therefore, it is considered advisable to provide some guidance on these matters, based on such experience as has been gained up-to-date, it is realized that further experience is needed before final conclusions can be reached, and that it will be necessary to issue a revised edition of this manual in about two years' time.

It seems it was written before the Bren Gun or 2" mortar was introduced, which changed how the Infantry section and Platoon worked.