Monday 6 May 2024

So I just discovered a wargaming club in the suburb next door

 Simpson Barracks Gaming Group 

It's a Facebook group (ugh) but it's RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Well OK, 10 minutes drive. Into an active army base, but still.

I don't think there's many (any?) Napoleonic wargames played there but they do a Flames of Wars championship every year. I knew someone did that, but I didn't know it was an ongoing club. 

Hmm looks like I might need to get ANOTHER army - 15mm WW2. Would I get 1941 Commonwealth in the desert or late war Russian Tank Army invading  liberating the Reich? 

I tried to join but the Facebook page says you need to answer a question, but no question is asked so I am unable to answer the question that cannot be asked. If this is a riddle I fail the test :(


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