Thursday, 14 September 2023

French Army for the Battle of Empires at the NWA

The Nunawading Wargames Association is doing a 1 day 2 game battle day based on Glory is Fleeting armies from 1813.

Everyone is playing on Nappy's side or the coalition (the 6th or 7th?) invading France.

Looks like I've been put on the French side and getting a loaner army. I don't mind, I need to learn how to use them for solo games. And the army is a LOT of veterans. Bad morale ones, but still.

I've taken an artillery brigade to try and learn how to use one. It's intent is to stay on flank of the 1st Division and directly support their attack.

The 1st Division is the best and is my attacking force. Two attached artillery batteries and a light brigade should allow them to attack one objective. They will attack in column and not stop until the enemy is broken. Also a skilled commander if they can get in a flanking mission.

The 2nd Division is not good, but not terrible. They can support the 1st Division with just as much artillery, and guard their flank with a supporting attack.

The Spanish Division is again mostly there to fill up the numbers, but I HAD to get some more Lancers, and I gave them a Brilliant Commander to be able to go and work with the Cavalry Division too. Having some cavalry squadrons attached to the infantry should allow them to hold off (but not attack) enemy skirmish heavy units, and guard the Line of Retreat.

The Cavalry division can attack on a flank with the 1st Division, or work with the Spanish Lancers to win the cavalry battle. The light cavalry unit supports the two attacking Dragoon units. 

I will attempt to take attacking missions, I don't think the armies big enough to defend well enough, though if I do get a defence mission, I plan on being aggressive. 

The lack of redoubts in a French 1813 army is strange - they used them a lot once the Fighting entered France. I don't understand why they can't get them. 

Army list after the break.

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