Sunday 19 March 2023

More thoughts on an improved army list

I would really like to get a veteran army, and the Waterloo British Infantry Corps 1815 can do it. 

The problem is that's it's REALLY expensive and can only afford to get one Division of veteran's. Another Division has to be made up of really crappy Belgium troops, and you can't afford a British Cavalry Corps, just a single Brunswick Uhan brigade, though they are lancers.

So after writing up the last battle report, it seemed to me that I still need a higher break point for the army, I need a division in reserve to plug gaps, and the other two infantry divisions need more reserves.

Here we go again

The 1st Division will always be getting deployed, so it needs the heaviest artillery I can get with the best skirmishers as it will be fighting the longest and heaviest part of the battle - hence the charismatic commander too. I've added a 4th unit as an extra divisional reserve to either lengthen the line or be a rear support for the assaulting front units.

The Light Division also needs another reserve unit, so I've put the KGL here to give them extra firepower and better assault power  too. It means the division can put the KGL in a town and have the 95th as a quick counter attack force. The KGL will make the division slower in rough terrain (where it can't put out much firepower) but it still has an attached Rifle Company to help. The Loyal Listrianain brigade is OK...but I've been asking too much of it. I can attach one cavalry squadron and the Guerrillas are the weakest to defend against enemy light infantry brigades. And I have some Spanish Guerrilla cavalry figures I want to get on the field.

The Portuguese Division will often be the last on the field, defending the LOC, or holding entrenchments. The conscript brigade would be staying at the back of the army at the LOC (or sitting in a dug out where they get a bonus). It won't be making any flanking attacks and will be the furthest away if the army is doing an echelon attack (but still has skirmisher units to reach out at a longer distance). It's not much good at assaulting enemy positions, but can defend itself against enemy infantry for a bit. It does not have the firepower to fight enemy cavalry divisions!

The Cavalry Division is only a flanking force- it does not have any heavy cavalry now. The Hussars with their Royal Horse Artillery and Brilliant Commander (one Captain Sharpe I believe) should be able to defeat any other light cavalry unit (...maybe not Lancers) but they have 2 other units supporting them. They might even be able to get a draw vs 2 heavy cavalry brigades, or at least hold them off. If the enemy has a Cavalry Corps, they would need to stay back and hope the infantry's artillery can disrupt the enemy heavy brigades first.  It does not have a skilled commander now, so the division will need to make more brigade moves and may be slower to arrive on the battlefield, but it does have better speed than the other divisions to catch up.

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